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Bluetooth OBD


With our vast experience in mobile telematics, we developed an innovative solution that syncs a smartphone with a vehicle via a Bluetooth OBD. Driver style, location, and in-vehicle data are automatically collected in the background, and combined into a valuable dataset.

Our product overcomes all known Bluetooth OBD pain points. The Telematics SDK automatically collects the full set of telematics and in-vehicle data, without user interaction. This operational mode is called data transportation hub


  • Automatic connection to Bluetooth devices
  • Manageable whitelist of devices.
  • Automatics data sync and transfer to the platform
  • Manageable sync frequency
  • Support any vehicle following the OBD-II protocol (always any car that is less than 20 years old)

Supported devices

The telematics SDK is device agnostic and works with any devices with the following parameters

  • ELM 327,
  • Bluetooth 4.0

Setting up

Required steps

  1. Create a vehicle :point-right: API
  2. Connect Bluetooth OBD
    :point-right: Setting up for iOS app
    :point-right: Setting up for Android app

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Bluetooth OBD

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