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5 Steps to Integrate SDK




Account Registration

Register your company account and get credentials for SDK Installation


Demo Applications

Please, use our demo applications: iOS, iOS Swift, Android to investigate how Telematics SDK should be implemented into your own application.


Setup the device token farm

To activate telematics SDK you have to add a DeviceToken into the SDK. DeviceTokenis a unique ID that is created for each app user. Once you create a DeviceToken, store it in the app back-end. The right way is to create DeviceToken through API, but during the integration period, you can also create a test DeviceToken through DataHub interface for testing and integration purposes.


iOS SDK Installation

Android SDK Installation

Guidelines to install SDK. It is the simple process that will not take more than 40 min.


Get data via API

Get telematics data and user statistics via API to keep it on your side and carry out your own further analysis

VERY IMPORTANT! Read it carefully:

  1. Almost all responses contain DeviceToken, AccessToken and Refresh Token. The existing platform operates with DeviceToken, however, we are currently in transition period of moving to a new platform. Therefore, we strongly recommend to store all three tokens to smoothly switch between platforms in the near future.

  2. Our new platform works with InstanceID and InstanceKEY. The previous architecture worked with SubscriptionToken. Please, use InstanceID and InstanceKEY if you are 1st time integrating SDK.

We will maintain the old platform till November 01, 2021 and keep informed all our clients about progress and required steps.

Thank you.


Before you start, we would like to introduce our SDK and the main components of our product.

The components from SDK side:

  • Telematics SDK

  • SDK Back-end

  • Telematics Platform

  • DataHub

  • APIs


Description and features

Telematics SDK

Telematics SDK starts and stops trips recording. while a trip recording, the SDK is gathering data from smartphone sensors.

SDK Back-end

This part provides overall management of SDK and registers users for an app back-end in order to create a DeviceToken.

Telematics Platform

This part provides telematics data processing.


SandBox + Analytical portal for managers and developers to work with processed data and to download raw data.


An interface to get user statistics, trips and raw data.

Step 1-2: Project Setup

Step 3: SDK Installation

Step 4: User Statistics & Analytics (API)

Response Codes


Swagger: Device Token Farm

Swagger: Processed trips (Telematics data)

SDK Features

Telematics Platform features