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Vehicle management


Some of our services required a VehicleToken. That can be generated and managed via the carservice backed by Datamotion platform.
The service can be used as a VehicleToken generator as well as a full vehicle management service with its own dictionaries of car makes and models.

Services required VehicleToken

  • Bluetooth OBD
  • FNOL
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Damage recognition

Setting up

There are 3 main units that are used in the CarService:

  • VehicleToken - a unique ID that is associated with a vehicle.
  • PrimaryDriver - the main driver with the full list of permissions to manage the vehicle
  • AllowedDrivers - a list of drivers added to the vehicle profile and are able to use the VehicleToken. The PrimaryDriver is in AllowedDrivers by default.

Every time when you register a vehicle, you have to provide a DeviceTokenDeviceToken - It is a unique ID that is generated by Datamotion telematics platform and used by Telematics SDK as a user identifier. SDK connects all telematics data to the Devicetoken and transfer to Datamotion platform. Then the DeviceToken is used across all our APIs and services as a unique app user ID., it will be assigned as a PrimaryDriver.

:zap: API Reference: Create a vehicle

Vehicle management

API Reference

You can manage a vehicle via API services. Make sure you manage vehicle on behalf of PrimaryDriver
Get a list of vehicle with details
Get a vehicle profile
Update a vehicle profile
Delete a vehicle


Datahub provides a workspace to manage vehicles and export in-vehicle data collected by Bluetooth OBD

To find more, please refer to Vehicle management in Datahub

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Vehicle management

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