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Connection with fleet platforms


  • There is an option to point data to different end-points. The common use-case is to point real-time location data to external fleet management platforms. It enables you to use a driver smartphone in connection with your existing fleet platform instead of having a hardware device in a car.
  • Driving behavior data will still go to Datamotion platform where it will be processed or stored in accordance with your project settings.

Available options

Out telematics SDK supports a dynamic IoT protocol and it is compatible with several widely spread protocols so that you can connect the SDK to your fleet platform by forwarding data from telematics SDK to an external fleet management platform. in case if your platform doesn't support compatible protocols, you can use Flespi to convert the data and connect to any platform

How to start

to start working with external platforms you have to set up the following items:

  • Telematics SDK - point data to external end-point
  • Fleet platform - set up a receiver


  • Flespi - set a platform to receive, convert, and forward data

Setting up telematics SDK

To enable Realtime data service, please refer to the related workspace in Datahub

Set up Fleet platform

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Connection with fleet platforms

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