Step 1: Account Registration

Register your company and get credentials for SDK Installation

Important! If you already have a DataHub account, please, skip this step.

If you are a developer and you've received a link to this Developer Portal from your colleague, please, ask him to provide you with an access to DataHub in order to avoid duplication of your company accounts. Here is the instruction how to provide an access:

  1. To register your company please follow to Company Account Registration section in our DataHub user guide. You'll need to create an application also.

  2. Once your company account registered you get the User Service Credentials (InstanceKey; InstanceID) for each user group within application to start the integration process.

There are 2 environments available for you applications:

  • UAT After you get User Group Credentials in your UAT app you will be able to create/register users in different user groups within one application. Note: in UAT mode you are limited by 50 users.

  • Production After you finish your testing and SDK integration process, you can create a new application and get new User Group Credentials for each user group in your application and just replace these credentials in your project to switch to production mode.