Users leaderboard by scoring factors and driving statistics. the leaderboard is calculated based on previous 14 days driving data.


There are two types of leaderboard available: Summary Leaderboard and Factors Leaderboard

A user's leaderboard position is calculated within a single instance where the user record is located.

A user's leaderboard position is calculated based on data for previous 14 days.

Summary Leaderboard

The API consists the overview for single user in comparison with other users within a single instance

  • 1 - Acceleration score; 2 - Braking score; 3 - phone usage score; 4 - Speeding score; 5 - Cornering score; 6 - Overall score; 7 - Distance; 8 - Number of Trips; 9 - Driving time

Leaderboard by factors

The API contains a list of users and thier position by factors. There are 9 available factors